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Friends, for you, as always, 10 minutes choicest jokes. The most ridiculous jokes about cops and # # DPS with the girls. Collections of jokes for adult men. COUB new fun week in August 2016 Adults funny, very funny jokes Our selection of Soul Plane with humor about the # in the collections of girls driving, animals and cars as well as many other ideas can be found on our channel "#CheGevarov". If Could you tell us something about your friends ztom video! Click on the buttons of social networks above! Leave your comments. Thank you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign up: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf-b... it promotes the growth of the channel and the more frequent occurrence of new video. Thank you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # How to learn to laugh, and what will happen if suddenly # adult drunk girls are often funny and laugh at this fall will be the most fun class. The most ridiculous fun with Russian girls and funny cats and new jokes about animals. Jokes on people who do not want to laugh. Auto fun with drunk drivers who play #Pokemon go (pokemon th) and funny accidents on the roads recorded on the DVR. Selection of the best jokes in July # August 2016 # on the road about accidents and traffic police (GAI) on the road and the new police jokes. Splitting the best funny jokes and moments for a week over the people and girls. 10 minutes choicest jokes for adult men. How to make a car fun with the cops and the girls behind the wheel on the road that blunt. It is also very popular and fun new funny incidents about girls people and cops and cops. Jokes about women who go and sing drunken driving. Fun on the road accident funny girls and suddenly the blonde behind the wheel. Idiotsie babskie fun 2016 from which I fell out laughing. Most top-end selection of adult COUB (cubes) Russian jokes for adult men on the road and on the road about a fight that girls and children are not recommended to watch. Fun with the girls are beautiful in life funny and blunt neigh. Bloopers broadcast ridiculous most ridiculous ridiculous KVN in cases of people in the subway and bus in second-class car that want to enjoy a holiday in the village with the older girls fun and black humor on the road and where the men get into an accident iz-za adult beautiful girls who eating watermelon. The biggest collection of jokes and fun you will find only here. Funny failure where an episode of funny cats and dogs fall funny and sing. New and fresh rzhachnye prikolyuh over drunk GAI officers at work. What if you mix funny about the failure of carbon jokes on people. As rasmeshil girls are funny in KVN Comedy Club or fall funny and sing in front of everyone. Jokes from the TELEGRAM, classmates VC #, and other social networks. Very severe cases of life of people in the reserved seat. All the latest edition of jokes about women and also beautiful girls that are fun to ride drunk driving and rugabtsya materyatsya What happened to them will happen when they stop drunk cop or traffic cop. Then we get a funny incident at work because of a girl? Young girls and older women behind the wheel very often fall into the DVR in the car when driving on the road in Russia. The cases when you do not regret that he went on vacation, and spent it with drunken girls having fun in the reserved seat or on the subway. Comedy Live and # Funny (Dog in the subject) animals in our life cheerful beautiful girls at a gas station. Puzzle over adults when sleep and always wake them funny. Funny falling on a skateboard and roller sports fun in games. Curious case in public. New parody of the people and the girls behind the wheel. Funny and fall accident on the road with the cops. Cube jokes about cops cops who sing funny songs and fun. A lot of funny girls get inside #COUB # Collections # # joke humor and cutting jokes about girls and women in 100,500 or peekaboo. # Laughter girls who laugh anytime, anywhere and blunt on the road with the traffic police and # # DPS. Adults, vulgar well, very funny and carbon COUB # demotivators in English.


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